Group Activities

Costanoa partners with our friends at Adventure Associates to provide you with a variety of Team Building and Training options. Each program is fully customized to your objectives, fitness levels and timeframe. Whether out on the trail, on the resort lawn or meeting in the conference room, all programs engage your group in learning and fun.

Programs can be designed for groups of 10-100 people.


    Team Orienteering

    Explore the pristine open space adjacent to the lodge while using a map and compass. Orienteering is a high-energy outdoor challenge in which participants are broken up into teams of 3-5 and given a series of checkpoints to find while hiking on and off-trail. Each person learns a specific skill: compass navigation, topographical map reading and measuring distance using his/her paces. The three roles must share their new-found expertise and combine forces to add to their point total by finding as many points as possible.

    The event is customized to be as inclusive or competitive as you like. Your team can discover some of the 400 acres of this private property in the Santa Cruz Mountains with stupendous views of the Pacific Ocean.


    Imagine being able to tap into the abilities and talents of every team member while practicing and applying team process skills. Teams of 11 – 12 strategize how to acquire the greatest number of points for completing a series interactive challenges set out on the lodge lawn (each team activity takes about 20 minutes to complete and requires teamwork). This combination of sophisticated physical, intellectual and creative challenges engages everyone as there is a lot to do in a limited time.

    Illuminating problem-solving, innovation, shared leadership, communication skills, team planning and time management, Pursuit is a multi-tasking timed event, but it's not a race—we keep the competition "friendly." Action-oriented by design, Pursuit can be built to fit your team's targeted growth areas.

    Trail Venture

    A great way to get out in nature, our Trail Venture program takes your group on a moderate but highly interactive hike. We stopping occasionally to engage in various team challenges such as Pipeline (rolling a golf ball along a series of tubes and troughs) or Team Morse Code along the way.

    There is something special about getting into the great outdoors and walking side by side with your coworkers. The conversations that come up naturally or through facilitated discussion can be truly stimulating. These effects are multiplied by the team challenges (in teams of 8-10) which invariably spark more and richer dialogue.

    Team Performance Challenges

    Team Performance Challenges brings to life theories and models about team dynamics and role identification. Small teams of 12 participate in a series of activity stations; each takes 30-45 minutes, including a focused discussion about how to maximize individual involvement, plan effectively, and which leadership and participation roles work best. With dozens of activities in our repertoire, we can build a custom program that engages your team mentally and physically, helping them to evolve beyond their current level of performance.

    It's a rich program, because it's 100% facilitator-led with guided debriefs after each challenge. Our facilitators create an environment in which personal and team insights are shared and subsequent connections back to workplace issues are made by the team. We help your team discover their strengths, then leverage them to better address areas of development.

    LEGO® Landmarks

    Our LEGO® Landmarks program sparks a team's creative juices as they work through the challenge of replicating iconic landmarks – such as the Golden Gate Bridge – using Legos.

    The goal is to try to build the most impressive replica, with as many bells and whistles as you can fit in during the time allocated. Teamwork and strategy are key to make sure you best utilize your materials to build your assigned landmark. Each small team of 3-4 takes about 2 hours to accomplish this feat in an indoor meeting room.

    Building LEGO® Landmarks is incredibly fun and rewarding and it's also a great way to explore decision making and communication. To further explore these topical areas, we recommend combining the program with a corporate training workshop such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Communication Skills.

    Get Set…Go!

    In this dynamic and fast-paced adventure, your group will face one surprise challenge after another. Each team is given a backpack with supplies, a time limit and a series of missions with target points to complete.

    The "divide and conquer" feature enables some team members to join the field team and others to choose to staff mission control, relaying time-critical information (e.g., clues, coordinates, etc.) to the field teams as they receive it. Revealing and working with your individual and team strengths are keys to success.

    Get Set…Go! Tests your team's mettle by blending sophisticated problem-solving challenges, GPS skills and treasure-hunt clues or puzzles with hiking on Costanoa's trails. This highly customized program accommodates your team objectives and fitness levels. No two Get Set…Go! adventures are the same.