Costanoa is surrounded by endless acres of undisturbed wilderness, rolling coastal hills, and secluded beaches. We’re connected to four state parks, 30,000 acres of hiking trails and a vibrant wildlife reserve. Here are several trails right on site.

Costanoa Trail Map

    Franklin Point

    Three and a half mile meander through wild willow, hooker's primrose, bush lupine, and sandy dunes. Enjoy spectacular views of Pigeon Point and Año Nuevo Island. If the wind is down, this hike offers great potential for whale watching. Take a break at the halfway point to observe passing California Sea Lions as well as the site of the 1864 wreck of the ship Sir John Franklin .

    To reach the trail, follow Rossi Road to the north end of the campground, making a left down Eucalyptus Camp. Take the road at the north side of the loop towards the ocean, crossing Highway 1 and meeting the trailhead at the State Parks sign. Follow the path left through the dunes and marshy zone. At the beach, head left towards Franklin Point. The hike will follow the cable guard rails along Atkinson Bluff towards Whitehouse Creek and Costanoa, ending at the meeting of Rossi Road and Highway 1.

    Ohlone Ridge

    This is an intermediate level three and a half mile hike through the riparian corridor of Whitehouse Creek and then up through Coastal Scrub and Douglas Fir eco-systems. The peak of the trail offers sweeping vistas of the reefs and beaches south of Costanoa. This is an excellent option for those who want a little bit more of a workout as well as opportunities to see the local flora and fauna.

    To reach the Ohlone Ridge Trail, start at the Whitehouse Creek Trailhead and make a left at the first fork. Follow the signs to the left, then take the right junction towards Ohlone Ridge.

    Whitehouse Creek Beach & Tidepools

    Whitehouse Creek Beach is the closest destination to Costanoa for tidepool exploration. It is also one of the few beaches protected from the prevailing coastal Northwest winds. We highly recommend checking low tide times before departing!

    To reach the tidepools, take the Whitehouse Creek Trailhead to the right of the Douglas Fir Cabins. Instead of taking the trail to the left over the bridge, follow the trail towards the coast/parallel to Rossi Road, veering left through the eucalyptus grove until you hit Whitehouse Creek Road. Make a right and cross Highway 1. Follow the trail towards the ocean and make a right down the stairs to the beach.